Pascal Schuerman

Game Artist/Technical Artist\​Pipeline Developer

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My name is Pascal Schuerman, I study Game Design Art & Development at Sintlucas Eindhoven in The Netherlands. I am a Game Artist/Technical Artist\Pipeline Developer. I am a Closed Beta tester of various CG Software and Games.

I like to think out of the box to solve problems and to save time for various projects that require any technical solution. I like to make mechanical rigs and do research on mechanics for different machines.

I am an autodidact, quick learner, creative and analytic thinker. I have an eye for detail and I am able to search for ways to make processes faster.

My goal is to work in the Gaming industry at a professional level.

I have worked on various projects
• Eindhoven University of Technology – RoboCup 2013
• Glow Eindhoven 2013

I have programmed a CAD Optimizer in real time application. With the spinners, you can control how much you want to optimize your CAD models in real time. When you have set your value with the spinners you can watch the magic happen. The progress of the selected CAD models will be displayed at the bottom. There are two progress bars, the top progress bar is for the model that has been optimized and the bottom progress bar is for the total amount of models that you have optimized.

I have built a real-time switch. When the real-time option is on and you change the value of the spinners, then the selected CAD model will be optimized in real time. If the real time is set to off, then you will see the update button. When you click that button it will optimize the selected models. I have built this switch for heavy scenes and to give you extra control over what you are doing.

This application will save you a lot of time and frustration when working with high detailed CAD models. It works superfast in real time.

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CG Artist/Technical Artist\​Pipeline Developer


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